The food supplies was an extreme important part for the soldiers! A good and working food supplie was the base for an efficient and motivated service.

While the war went on and on, the Wehrmacht had more and more problems with supplying food for the soldiers. It wasn't rare that the german soldiers suffered under hunger and coldness.

Many german soldiers helped themself with buying civilian sales articles. Their family often sent to them packages with socks, cook, and so on.

The theme "Marketenderwaren" is a very interesting part of collecting and from the german army history. Many things here are still not probed till today!

You have to know one thing about the german soldiers: They tried to use everything they could get in their enviroment to make their front-life as easy as possible!


Die Tramp-Reisekaffeemühle

The Tramp travel coffee grinder and its use in the Wehrmacht - Myth and truth